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This site is dedicated to book fans and friends wherever you may be. Here you’ll discover the bare-bone essentials of my writing life: a short bio, a snapshot of my novels and nonfiction, and previous issues of “Digital Words” — a newsletter I put out six or seven times a year.

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Reviewers on D. F. Bailey’s books:

FIRE EYES — Fire Eyes is a W.H. Smith First Novel Award finalist.

"Fire Eyes is a taut psychological thriller with literary overtones, a very contemporary terrorist romance."
—Globe and Mail

"A strong, powerful first work."
— The Calgary Herald

"There is a beautiful, awful symmetry between passion and destruction that lends a phantasmagoric effect to the writing."
— Quill & Quire

"A dynamite read. Combines a remarkable literary finesse with the tightly wound mainspring of a psychological thriller. A new writer of the very best."
— Andreas Schroeder, author of “Renovating Heaven”

"To put it simply, there is some very good writing here."
—Alberta Report


"You start reading Healing the Dead with a gasp and never get a proper chance to exhale."
—Globe and Mail

D. F. Bailey writes with "unusual power ... and obvious talent." He is "becoming a player in the international arena."
—Quill & Quire Magazine

"The author is not afraid to take a hard look at the darker side of human nature, at the source of fear and violence, and to explore their repercussions with unflinching honesty."
—Monday Magazine


"Bailey's masterstroke is in creating a situation for his protagonist that is so believable the reader cannot help but feel complicit in the guilt and anguish of it all. With compelling, measured prose, he stakes out precious territory in a genre - located somewhere between thriller and psychodrama - that he makes completely his own."
—Quill & Quire Magazine

"Bailey has crafted a tale that not only looks at a universal theme but places it in a very West Coast context, making this one story that local readers are going to love."
—Boulevard Magazine

"Bailey knows how to employ atmosphere, characters and mood to steadily build a story. And the story he so carefully constructs is a good one."
—What's on Winnipeg


“Another great story of moral revelation, despair and redemption by a contemporary master.”
— Lawrence Russell, culturecourt.com

"The writing is extremely good … an exquisitely crafted novel. Reminiscent of The Unbearable Lightness of Being."
— Aaron C. Brown, Amazon Top 500 Reviewer


“So often when people learn to meditate, their focus is on superficial goals, so they never really discover meditation's deeper purpose. With ‘White Light Meditation’ D.F. Bailey offers a refreshing alternative, one that is so much closer to the actual purpose of meditation – to connect with your own stream of awareness.”
— Donna Miesbach, author of “From Grief to Joy”

“Even a long-time experienced meditator could benefit from these insights and step-by-step suggestions. Whether you are a new meditator or one of many years experience trying to tame the 'monkey mind,’ this affordable and interesting e-book is very much worthwhile. Thanks, Mr Bailey, for sharing this wisdom with us.”
— Orva Schrock, author of “Let There be Light”